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Contact our service department at 832-475-4616 to schedule an appointment. 

We may be able to service you the same day!

We should be able to schedule the appointment same day if reported early.




Trouble shooting Garage Doors, Please check list before calling so that you do not incur a service call fee.


I push the button to close my garage door.  The Garage door only goes down part of the way then stops and goes back up and the light starts blinking.  

Ok Mr. Smith, it is probably the opener safety sensors.  The best way to check the sensors is to keep pushing the wall button and see if the doors will go down.  If it continues until you remove your finger the sensors are out of alignment.
Inspect the photo eyes sensor.  The sensor is the small black boxes the near the bottom of your garage door frame which is usually installed on the tracks with a small bracket.
1.    Make sure that there is not something blocking the sensors from communicating with each other.  Bicycle, yard tools, etc.
2.    You can look at where the sensors are pointed.  They need to be pointed at each other.  If they are not just try to push the out of alignment sensor into alignment.



My Garage Door Motor runs but the door does not close.

This is an indication that the belt may be broken, your chain is off, your gearbox may be broken or the opener has been disengaged.
1.    Look at the opener when it is operating.  Is the belt, chain or screw moving?
a.    YES  (if not please skip to “b” below)
i.     Can you move the door by pushing it up or down.
1.    YES.
a.    Your door is not engaged.  Please try to engage it.  If this does not work the problem need to be addressed by one of our trained technicians.
b.    NO
i.     We need to send one of our trained technicians.



My Garage Door Remote is not working

1.    Please replace the battery.
2.    If the battery has been replaced the repair requires one of our trained service technicians.



To erase all Liftmaster, Sears, Chamberlain codes.

1.    Push and hold the learn code button for 6 seconds.  At that point all the existing codes are deleted



To reprogram your remote.

1.    Press the learn code button on your motor head.
2.    Within 15 seconds press the remote button 3 times.  The remote is programmed.

The Garage Door Opener light does not come on when I open the door.

1.    Please make sure you have replaced the bulb.
2.    If you have replaced the bulb then we need to send one of our trained technicians.



The garage door opener light does not go off after a period of time.

1.     Passing the sensor beam will trigger the opener light.  Make sure you are not triggering the light by passing the sensor light.
2.     Some wall buttons have a light switch.  Please make sure that your wall button does not have the light switch on.

Garage Door Remote not working from short range

•    Check your batteries to make sure that they are working. Change batteries if need be.
•    Make sure that your remote control is not too close to the roof of car.
•    If there was a power outage, re-program your remote.


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