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The LiftMaster® Internet Gateway Model 828LM

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The LiftMaster® Internet Gateway Model 828LM

Compatible only with the new generation of LiftMaster residential garage door openers enabled by MyQ™ Technology.
Elite Series™ Belt Drive Unit (8550)
Premium Series Chain Drive Unit (8360)

  • Revolutionary accessory features MyQ™

Technology, allowing the garage door opener to communicate wirelessly with other MyQ-enabled devices for the first time ever.

  • Utilizing an existing internet connection, plug the

LiftMaster Internet Gateway into the router that connects to internet service.

  • Technology allows end-user to monitor and operate garage door opener and other devices from anywhere using:

— Smartphone App: Available on all smartphone markets (BB, Android, iPhone)
— MyLiftMaster.com online, customizable management tool

New intelligent communication technology wirelessly allows you to monitor and control your garage door opener and other devices from anywhere in the world.

  • Control and monitor your garage door opener and remote lights from a smartphone app or website via computer.
  • Puts the freedom and control in the hands of the homeowner, using the smartphone or remote control they already rely on daily.
  • Endless possibilities for a wide range of future accessories.

Liftmaster 8550

Liftmaster 8360

Liftmaster 3850 Belt Drive Opener Houston

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If you’re searching for a feature-rich electric garage door operator, then you should consider the LiftMaster 3850.  The built-in standby power system helps to ensure that the system will run even during a power outage.  The unit also stops and starts smoothly, which means you don’t have to worry about it causing a lot of noise.  You can also adjust the length of time the 200 watt lighting system remains on.

Not only is it the only real 3/4 HP installed by a professionals, plus the opener has a fully-integrated standby power system, but it will operate your garage door for 40 complete cycles in an event of a power failure during a 24-hour time period, Then, it restores immediately once the electricity returns on. An audible sound will also let you know once the electrical power has gone out plus the Ever Charge Stand By Power Feature is in use. During the event of power failure the security and safety features continue to function. Making sure your folks are safeguarded within an event of electric power failure. The operator also features smooth stop and smooth start to limit the sound from the garage door while it opens and closes – ideal for residences having a bedroom over the garage. It also features the ruggedness of a chain drive and the quietness of a jackshaft. The motor is 12 volts DC for heavy duty work.

This Liftmaster Belt drive is a maintenance free operator, and doesn’t have problems associated with older technologies such as the screw drive and chain drive openers, making it the perfect choice for a new electric garage door opener Houston.  Screw drive openers work intermittently while in the severe heat and cold, requiring lubrication and adjustments at least two times annually, and contain several plastic components.  Chain drive operators use plastic gear set, and they are noisy. Chain drive openers are classified within the contractor line.

One of the most unique features is it has a motion-detecting smart control panel.  It displays system status, current time, and the temperature inside your garage.  In battery power back-up mode, all important safety features function. The motion-detecting smart control panel makes it possible for hands free operator light activation once the garage is entered through an entrance door.

The motor head mounted in the ceiling is powered by a six foot power cord, so you should be able to find a suitable outlet easily.  This is three foot longer than most other operators on the market.

Please contact Preferred Doors for all your garage door opener needs.  832-475-4616

LiftMaster Promo – LiftMaster Madness – March 21—April 8, 2011

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Featured Products: 3850 Elite Series with Free Second Remote and Keyless Entry and 3255 Contractor Series with Free Second Remote. Special Deals available on Elite, Premium, and Contractor Series, while supplies last. Select models offering Free Extra Remote and Keyless Entry on Elite and Premium operators.

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Garage Door Openers – Information on safety reversal system

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Your garage door opener uses two safety reversal systems. The most obvious safety component is the safety eye system?, which provides four to six inches of coverage along the bottom area of the doorway. To test this system, perform the following steps:

1. Start with the door in the open position.
2. Press the remote control push button to raise the door.
3. Place a box or similar object in the path of the door (obstruction the safety sensor eyes).
4. Press the remote control push button to shut the door.

The door will not move more than 1 inch, and the opener lights will flash.

The door opener will not close from a remote if the indicator light in either one of the sensors is off (alerting you to the fact that the sensor is misaligned or obstructed).

Repeat this test each month.

There are a few things to keep in mind relating to the optical safety reversal system:
The optical safety system must be installed in order for the opener to close the door normally. The system is federally mandated, and there is absolutely no way to bypass this system. If there is a sensor problem, the opener can still be used to close the garage door. In order to do so, press and hold the hard-wired wall control button, or use the keyless entry pad outside of the garage, holding the ENTER button until the door reaches the floor. Releasing the wall control button or the ENTER button before the door reaches the floor will cause the opener to reverse the door. This selection is only available through the wall control or a keyless entry system, and is not an option when using the hand-held remote control. Never commit on the safety sensors to prevent the door from closing on an obstruction. Always assure that the path of the garage door is free of any obstructions before operating the opener mechanism.The second safety system built in to the opener is designed to reverse the garage door whenever resistance or force is encountered, provided that the opener mechanism is connected and adjusted properly, and the garage door is properly balanced and aligned. This reversal system should be tested each time an adjustment to the opener is made, and also once a month.

To test the safety reversal system:

1. With the door fully open, place a 1-1/2 inch board (or 2×4 laid flat) on the floor, centered under the garage door.
2. Operate the door in the down direction. The door must reverse upon striking an obstruction.

If the door stops on the obstruction, it is not traveling far enough in the down direction. Refer to your owner’s manual for instructions on increasing the down limit adjustment, along with farther information concerning the safety reversal test. A copy of your owner’s manual can be downloaded through most manufactor’s web sites by clicking here (hyperlink to owner’s manual search page) If the door continues to fail the safety reversal test, call for a trained door systems technician. Never rely on the safety reversal system to prevent the door from closing on an obstruction. Always ensure that the path of the garage door is clear of any obstructions before operating the opener mechanism.

WARNING: Without a correctly installed safety reversal system, persons (particularly small children) can be badly injured or death by a closing garage door.
WARNING: If the opener closes the door when the safety-reversing sensor is obstructed (and the sensors are no more than 6 inches above the floor), call for a trained garage door technician.

Resources: Preferred Doors provides detailed information on Garage Doors, Garage Door Openers, Garage Door Repair, Overhead Garage Doors and more.