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Amarr New Dual-Directional Woodgrain Colors Now Available to Order

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Memo 61-13
July 22, 2013

Effective immediately, Amarr’s three new dual-directional woodgrain colors – Golden Oak, Walnut, and Mahogany – are available to order in Classica 1000/2000/3000, Oak Summit 3000, and Stratford 3000 product. The new woodgrain colors will be available to order in Heritage 3000 effective August 19, 2013.

New Dual-Directional Woodgrain Product Information

Amarr’s new dual-directional woodgrain colors have a much more distinctive and realistic woodgrain pattern and can be seen from the end of a typical driveway.  The new dual-directional woodgrain has a horizontal woodgrain pattern on the rails of a section and a vertical woodgrain on the stiles and panels.

The new dual-directional woodgrain colors will replace the existing Medium and Dark Woodgrain colors.

Replacement Sections

Effective immediately, Amarr will no longer produce Medium Woodgrain or Dark Woodgrain sections. No replacement sections of Medium Woodgrain and Dark Woodgrain are available, unless inventory is available at an Amarr Door Center.

A liquidation sale for any remaining Medium Woodgrain and Dark Woodgrain inventory will be announced in the next 30 days.
Ancillary Woodgrain Items

The existing window frames, inserts and vinyl stop of the current Medium Woodgrain and Dark Woodgrain colors will complement the new dual-directional woodgrain colors.  An item description change for these items has been made.  Specifically, Medium Woodgrain item descriptions haven been changed to Golden Oak, and Dark Woodgrain item descriptions have been changed to Mahogany.  New ancillary items have been set up for the new Walnut color.  Touch-up paint for the three new dual-directional colors will be available in August.

Amarr New Dual-Directional Woodgrain Colors Now Available to Order

Amarr New Dual-Directional Woodgrain Colors Now Available to Order

Transition Complete of Brown to Dark Brown Residential Steel Color

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September 10, 2012

The Brown to Dark Brown color transition for Amarr residential steel doors is complete. Brown is no longer offered in any residential steel collection.

To summarize the new color offering, Dark Brown is available in the following:

  • Oak Summit 1000/2000/3000
  • Hillcrest 3000
  • Designer’s Choice 500
  • Heritage 1000/2000/3000
  • Stratford 1000/2000/3000
  • Lincoln 3000
  • Olympus 500

NOTE: Dark Brown is not available in Designer’s Choice 400 or Olympus 400.

Amarr.com is up to date with this color transition. Marketing material is in process of being updated. Expected completion is 11/1/12.

garage doors Houston


Garage Doors And Openers Houston

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garage doors houston

garage doors houston

It had been 1926 in the event the initial garage door operator was created. Present day usefulness made its way into the last “room” of the home. However with benefit, there seemed to be certain garage door repair troubles. With time, enhancements have been designed for the wanted electric garage door openers. Fewer problems made these units an absolute must have for each and every home.

Typically, garage doors were generally made from wood. But wood does present decaying issues. It appears if the garage door Houston isn’t deteriorating as a result of time, your garage door operator is on easy street. Ok, so perhaps it’s not on easy street- but it would require a new torsion spring. Never less, complications hit whenever we want our automobiles the most.

Houston Garage Doors also have advanced with technologies, on the other hand gradually wooden paneled doors harmed by sunlight and severe weather conditions will have to be replaced. You might need a garage door repair Houston far sooner than later. Because of the headaches of the volume of upkeep of wooden garage doors, Houston builders have switched to low maintenance steel garage doors, some with added insulation.

Garage Doors Houston From Preferred Doors

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garage doors houstonThe car is both a blessing and a curse; on one hand, it gets you from point A to point B without the hassle of undergoing extreme weather conditions; on the other hand, cars can be expensive and time-consuming. However, there’s one thing that most people can agree one: cars need a garage. For a well-made garage door Houston boasts an impressive array of companies that handcraft wooden, historically-styled garage doors. For garage doors Houston is the ideal place to check out – these companies offer stellar designs that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions (from Arizona to Canada – they’ve got you covered). And here’s the best part: These garage doors isn’t your mother’s doors – these garage doors are classically styled after traditional carriage doors. These are an amazing addition to any home, studio, hideaway cabin, or estate. Your money is well spent with a pair of classically-crafted garage doors!

The garage door of any house or abode is the first thing most people see; which is why people spend hours every year repainting their garage door trying to spice up their house. Garage doors Houston can bring added old-world character to your house without compromising the function of your current garage door. The demand for carriage-style garage doors has skyrocketed in the last five years; a custom garage door Houston can include a set of wooden swing-out doors, sliding doors, or bi-folding doors. Quality, solid wood should be used in the construction of any garage door; this, in conjunction with traditional building techniques, should produce a garage door product that’s both functional as well as trendy.

Genuine quality and distinct styling should be the center of any garage door Houston; especially if a garage door Houston is the center of attention for your home. A historically constructed, carriage-style door will be brand new, but still retain the authenticity of a 19th century sprawling European estate. The irreplaceable added historic value of custom-made carriage doors to your home will accent your home while causing justified envy among neighbors and passerby’s. Don’t let the harsh conditions of your current location scare you away from investing in a solid set of historic garage doors; most custom-made garage doors can withstand the extremes of elements, from scorching rays to record-defying, below-zero conditions. It doesn’t matter where you reside; a set of historically made garage doors will always bring an added value to your home.

Historically, any style of carriage doors required physical labor to open and close. Forget that! Now that the world’s gone electronic, for garage doors Houston boasts an array of electronically controlled carriage garage doors. For a garage door Houston can support your custom tastes; don’t let the word “carriage door” scare you away. And before you invest, make sure that whoever is making your garage door makes it from the finest wood available. By using real wood, your garage doors will have the ability to last as long as your house does; this adds increased value to your home. Research different artists’ styles, prices, and wood choices before making any big decisions, and keep in mind that old-world building techniques will last the longest and be the most efficient. Never buy a garage door made from imitation materials – although it may look good, it won’t hold up in the long run.

Many builders know that the interior quality of a garage door Houston is equally as important as the exterior. As the homeowner, you’ll want to see beauty on both the inside and the outside. For well-made garage doors Houston boasts a unique plethora of astonishingly beautiful and historic-looking garage doors. Another unique aspect of custom carriage doors is the elimination of overhead rails and tracks, which are noisy and take up space. Clear out your garage; invest in a set of garage doors that will last as long as your house. Wooden carriage doors have the ability to either keep warmth in or allow air movement within during summer. If you want to be the envy of your neighbors, indulge yourself with a well-made set of wooden garage doors.

Torsion and Extension Spring Systems is the Most Used Type On Sectional Overhead Garage Doors.

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Garage doors Houston are very heavy and some type springing systems must used at the top with cables attaching to the bottom garage doors to counterbalance the weight of the door. When a garage door is opened, these springs assist in lightening the weight of the door. When closing the door, the springs keep it from slamming hard on the ground and damaging the door or causing injury.

To release the spring tension, raise the door in the fully open and clamp the door into position using a pair of vice grips in the tracks to prevent the door from moving.  Once the door is open, you can make spring adjustments to only the extension spring type systems.

Torsion spring systems adjustments are not recommended by the do it yourselfer.

Typically overhead garage door springs have a life expectancy of 10,000 cycles, unless you special ordered your door with extended life cycle springs. One cycle is an operation of an up and down.  The extension and torsion springs are tempered (hardened) steel that comes either in plain cold rolled, painted, oil soaked, or galvanized. When the garage door is closed these springs are under very extreme tension and can be dangerous causing injury.

Over time, or during the later stages of the life cycles, springs will start to fatigue, and will eventually start stretching and or breaking, usually releasing its spring load with loud bang. Most homeowners, if you are at home, hear the spring break and usually unable to find where the noise came from until you try to use your garage door the next time.

On the average I see a 10k life cycle spring last around 7 to 10 years depending on how often you use your door.  Anything over 10 years is a bonus.  For example, if you average about two cycles per day, opening and closing the door a total of 4 times as you come and go, then the life expectancy becomes 2500 days, or approximately 7 years. If you have children that drive or more adults with vehicles, then you tend to cycle the door even more often, which in turn needing a spring replacement even sooner.

Since standard lift torsion springs are winding “up” when the door is closing or going down, the fully closed position is the most stressful on the steel spring material and thus the most likely the time of breakage. This is a good thing; because failure near the top-of-travel means that you suddenly have a large heavy door coming down and crashing against the floor with the increased weight. As a rule of thumb, and for safety reasons, you should never be standing or walking under the door when it is opening or closing, especially if you do so manually instead of with an electric opener. Also automatic door operators will provide additional safety if and when the spring breaks during the door movement.

When the springs are working correctly, the door appears nearly weightless, but this is an illusion that turns into a calamity when the springs suddenly fail.

Caution:  If you need to make annual adjustments to the springs or repair to the door, we recommend using a trained garage door technician to do your tune-ups.

Amarr Residential Lincoln 3000 and Hillcrest 3000 Introduction

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Hillcrest and Lincoln Garage Doors Houston

Hillcrest and Lincoln Garage Doors Houston

Preferred Doors is pleased to announce the introduction of the Lincoln 3000 and the Hillcrest 3000,
residential 2”-thick triple-layer steel doors with polystyrene insulation. Offering traditional
stamped panels in the Lincoln 3000 and stamped carriage house designs in the Hillcrest 3000,
these triple-layer constructed doors have 9.19 R-values, Limited Lifetime paint warranties, and
competitive market prices to provide exceptional value for the consumer. The begin order date
for these two new doors through Preferred Doors of Houston is October 15, 2011.

Features and Benefits of the Lincoln 3000 and Hillcrest 3000:

  • 2”-thick triple-layer constructed steel sections with no center hinge pockets
  • 27ga interior and exterior steel
  • EPS polystyrene insulation
  • 9.19 R-value
  • Conventional 14ga door hardware
  • Panel offering: Short, Long, Flush, Ribbed (Lincoln 3000)
  • Panel offering: Bead Board, Raised, Recessed (Hillcrest 3000)
  • Color offering: True White, Wicker Tan, Sandtone, Dark Brown
  • DecraTrim and DecraGlass offering: Existing residential offering applies
  • Decorative Hardware: Existing residential offering applies (Hillcrest 3000)
  • Limited Lifetime finish warranty
  • 3-year hardware warranty

Wind load options in testing and to be available in 2012.

Technical Specifications:

  • Residential Steel Section Arrangement Chart – existing chart applies.
  • o 18” and 21” section heights available
  • o Door heights: 6’ to 16’1” in 3” increments.
  • o Door widths: 6’ to 20’ in 2” increments.
  • Door and Section Weight Chart*
  • Shadow Line Chart*
  • Spring manuals*
  • Strut Schedule*
  • 3-part Specs*
  • Installation Instructions*

garage doors houston


Get A Garage Doors Houston Tune Up Special Before It’s Too Late And You Need A Garage Door Repair Houston.

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Garage Doors Houston

Garage Doors Houston

So, your garage doors Houston is getting a little rickety sounding and may not be sliding as smoothly in the past. Maybe it’s time to get a garage door annual tune up? But just what exactly does that involve?

Garage door Houston, much like automobiles, must be taken care of each year. Insufficient servicing leads to early product failure and is also the major reason behind garage door repair Houston accidents. Once-a-year routine maintenance really should only be completed with a properly trained specialist. Overhead door springs and associated components are under extreme tension and may lead to critical injuries or fatality if not properly handled. Don’t attempt yourself to fix or alter fasteners, components or wood panels that they’re connected.

Allow the experts at Preferred Doors carry out our 20 point yearly routine maintenance services (garage door tune up) for you personally now. This particular service consists of a detailed inspection of the door and opener in addition to lube and adjustments as required. Most of all, we will carry out a safety reversal check to ensure your garage door system is in accordance with federal safety guidelines and is in accordance towards the UL325 standard.

Throughout the month of August and September, a garage door tune ups from Preferred Doors is 20% off.  Phone us today at 832-475-4616 or just click here get in touch with us before you need a garage door repair Houston.


Needing New Garage Doors Houston?

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garage doors HoustonWhen you initially recognize that your garage doors Houston aren’t functional, you’d like to learn that you can get them serviced quickly. One of many advantages of owning garage doors will be the convenience which they offer. Knowing that you can get fast and affordable is very important. Preferred Doors continues to be providing the garage door service Houston to residential home owners have trusted since 1995. We provide routine maintenance and repairs of your garage doors and openers and definitely will make sure that your system are completely functional once again. Our service technicians are trained to handle practically any problem which could happen using your garage doors and offer speedy and friendly services.

If you want to invest in a new overhead door, we can assist you with this as well. We supply brands such as Amarr, Liftmaster and many others that are well-known in the industry. Our quality products in addition to our specialized and very affordable services are what make us the most preferred company for garage doors and related services while in the Houston area. We provide several different styles in the overhead door design for your house or commercial application.

You will never know whenever your garage doors are likely to stop operating. Understanding that you can get service fast is essential for your convenience along with your peace of mind. Preferred Doors continues to be supplying quality services since 1995 and therefore are presently the most popular company in the community. Call us today with your garage doors Houston needs.

Preferred Doors Is Offering Top Quality And Affordable Houston Garage Doors

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Garage Doors Houston

Garage Doors Houston

When you are in the market for Houston garage doors, Preferred Doors can help. Since 1995, we have been providing quality and reliable overhead doors for dwellings and businesses within Houston metro area. We can easily install practically any significant brand name such as those from Windsor, Chamberlain, Sears, Genie, Liftmaster and several others. We can assist you to choose the best garage doors for your house or company and also have them set up promptly to help you start experiencing and enjoying the ease of top quality doors quickly. Our service professionals are properly trained to mount just about any kind or type of garage door and that we offer you affordable costs for every one of our services and products.

In the event you may need garage door repair Houston for your service needs, we can assist you with this too. You can expect trustworthy and speedy repairs which will maintain your garage doors functioning correctly. We can easily install and fix automatic openers, providing you with far more ease in operation your door system. In short, Preferred Doors is definitely the only business which you will want for those entire elements garage door related from installing of top quality products and solutions to dependable routine maintenance and repairs. We install and service both residences and businesses and offer a number of design options.


When it comes to garage doors Houston, Preferred Doors is definitely the only provider in the Houston metro area. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our quality products and services or contact us directly at Preferred Doors today.


Garage Doors Houston

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Garage Door HoustonGarage doors Houston are essential for making your house secure and safe regardless if departing town. Many individuals do not know regarding how to fix one, and in some cases, professional support is usually necessary. That’s the reason many people have founded lots of companies committed to garage door repair Houston. You should consider seriously just before selecting the most appropriate business to install a brand new door, put it back or simply repair it.

Many garage door issues pertain to broken spring repair Houston. They reduce their energy and will either start to fail or simply break. Having a broken spring Houston, you’ll have troubles raising and lowering the door. Changing a spring may seem easy but it’s really much better and advisable to use a specialist to accomplish this task.

The very first primary standards that a person must keep in mind prior to contracting a garage door service Houston business is the expertise and just how skilled they may be. The business must be a well established one and the team should have good training and experience, and you don’t want them to break your door or repair it improperly, which could halt it abruptly or stop it from operating properly. There are numerous businesses that will be more than very happy to sell you new doors for your garage but there are a very a small number of them that help you save your time and money. Make sure they offer you solutions that stretch your dollar.

Additional critical and essential elements when choosing a garage door repair service Houston would be the trustworthiness of the business, dependability and also the understanding with the contract. There needs to be always an itemized estimation that’s agreed upon before you decide to a single thing. Be sure that how they will do the work and the cost of their services is completely described. When there is a free of charge estimation, then that might be safer to have done first. One should not forget to look if there is a warranty and how long it is: life-time or limited. The last, but not least thing is making sure that phone numbers and address are correct.

Repair services are necessary for making folks really feel safe regarding their home in the day, at night or when leaving the house. People want beauty and reliability as well as economy which are very hard items to be found in one product. Looking for the least expensive services can and will  be more expensive in the long run.

Keep in mind that usually there are several overhead door troubles that may be fixed by you and don’t call for an expert. If the average consumer understands what he’s performing and possesses another person to assist, then doing it yourself may be a good option. Keep in mind that they’re weighty and also the springs are extremely tensioned. You do not want to risk an injury to yourself or others around you. Consider carefully just before wanting to repair it on your own.

Learn more reliable information about garage doors Houston allowing you to have all of the information you need it fixed right and save money.

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