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Amarr Garage Doors Houston – Long Panel Bead Board in Oak Summit 1000/2000 – Available May 2, 2011

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Amarr is introducing a new stamped-steel carriage house design to the Oak Summit 1000/2000. The new Long Panel Bead Board (LPBB) design will be available to order May 2, 2011.

Image renderings of a closed and glazed door are below:

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Long Panel Oak Summit Amarr Garage Doors

  • Oak Summit Long Panel Bead Board design is available in two construction types:
  • Oak Summit 1000 Single-layer : Steel
  • Oak Summit 2000 Double-layer: Steel + Polystryene Insulation

This panel design is available in the existing Oak Summit 1000/2000 color offering – White, Almond, Sandtone, Terratone, Dark Brown and all existing window and decorative hardware options.

Pricing of this door will be the same as existing Oak Summit 1000/2000 prices.

Oak Summit sales brochures and Preferred Doors will be updated with this additional

Oak Summit door design by May 2, 2011.

Hand samples of this design are not available due to the hand sample width.

An Oak Summit Bead Board hand sample represents the stamp design of the Long Panel Bead Board.


If you have any questions, please contact your local Amarr Garage Door Dealer Houston.

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Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door Spring Systems is the Most Used Commonly on Sectional Type Overhead Doors.

Garage doors are very heavy and some type springing systems must used at the top with cables attaching to the bottom garage doors to counterbalance the weight of the door. When a garage door is opened, these springs assist in lightening the weight of the door. When closing the door, the springs keep it from slamming hard on the ground and damaging the door or causing injury.


To release the spring tension, raise the door in the fully open and clamp the door into position using a pair of vice grips in the tracks to prevent the door from moving.  Once the door is open, you can make spring adjustments to only the extension spring type systems.


Torsion spring systems adjustments are not recommended by the do it yourselfer.
Typically overhead garage door springs have a life expectancy of 10,000 cycles, unless you special ordered your door with extended life cycle springs. One cycle is an operation of an up and down.  The extension and torsion springs are tempered (hardened) steel that comes either in plain cold rolled, painted, oil soaked, or galvanized. When the garage door is closed these springs are under very extreme tension and can be dangerous causing injury.


Over time, or during the later stages of the life cycles, springs will start to fatigue, and will eventually start stretching and or breaking, usually releasing its spring load with loud bang. Most homeowners, if you are at home, hear the spring break and usually unable to find where the noise came from until you try to use your garage door the next time.


On the average I see a 10k life cycle spring last around 7 to 10 years depending on how often you use your door.  Anything over 10 years is a bonus.  For example, if you average about two cycles per day, opening and closing the door a total of 4 times as you come and go, then the life expectancy becomes 2500 days, or approximately 7 years. If you have children that drive or more adults with vehicles, then you tend to cycle the door even more often, which in turn needing a spring replacement even sooner.

Since standard lift torsion springs are winding “up” when the door is closing or going down, the fully closed position is the most stressful on the steel spring material and thus the most likely the time of breakage. This is a good thing; because failure near the top-of-travel means that you suddenly have a large heavy door coming down and crashing against the floor with the increased weight. As a rule of thumb, and for safety reasons, you should never be standing or walking under the door when it is opening or closing, especially if you do so manually instead of with an electric opener. Also automatic door operators will provide additional safety if and when the spring breaks during the door movement.

When the springs are working correctly, the door appears nearly weightless, but this is an illusion that turns into a calamity when the springs suddenly fail.

Caution:  If you need to make annual adjustments to the springs or repair the door, we recommend using a trained garage door technician to do your annual tune-ups.

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Garage Door Repair – Is your Garage Door hanging by a thread?

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If your garage door is not operable like when it was purchased or not working in anyway, don’t just accept it. Get garage door repair service and get your overhead door back to working perfectly again.

Is your door challenging to open? Does your garage door shake when it opens and closes? Will the door not open at all? Or is your garage door stuck in a constant cycle of opening or closing? When your garage door isn’t working right, it can add considerable stress and annoyance to your life. However, the good news is that garage door repair service company is speedy, affordable, and effective. From garage door and opener tune ups, repairs to track, spring, and panel fixes, your local garage door company can help get your garage door working its best again. Before you phone the garage door technicians, be sure to analyze these quick-fixes:

(1) Make sure your garage door opener push button has new batteries.
(2) Check out all safety sensors (at the bottom of the door on each side of the tracks) to make certain they are free of debris and aligned.
(3) Remove debris like sticks, gravel, from under the door.

If these simple procedures don’t get your garage door operating effortlessly again, then you know it’s time to call in the door doctors. Garage door companies have the know how and tools to diagnose a wide array of garage door repair issues from small problems to larger safety concerns. Once they know what’s wrong with your door, they’ll be able to specify you with the one of many options to get your overhead door back on track and working in a safe way. And better yet, your garage door company can make quite sure the job is done entirely and have a warranty for their repairs that will last for years to come.

So whether you’re in need of garage door or opener tune up or a major repair, your area overhead door company is here to assist. Remember, your garage door plays a fundamental role in your home’s peace of mind and energy efficiency, as well as aesthetics, so why wait to get it fixed. Helping restore convenience to your daily routine, safety to your home, and more, professional garage door repair service can make certain your garage is restored to working order.

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