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Garage Door Repair Houston

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We have been a complete service garage door company providing garage door services and repair from expert technicians. Preferred Doors is a full service garage door service Houston company and that we offer garage door services to the majority of the metro area.  We  are truly the most trusted and reliable company in the area.  Furthermore, you can expect garage door repair Houston and service on most products from industry leading manufacturers and emergency service.

Our goal is to deliver the most cost effective and quality workmanship for all your garage door service needs.  All of our garage door service technicians are trained to meet our very high quality standards. At  Preferred Doors , we are Houston’s overhead door installation and repair professionals.  We give speedy garage door system installation and repair Seven days a week.  Discover more about our services and products for overhead door installation and garage door repair on our website.  So why delay?  We have been a full service garage door company offering garage door service and repair since 1995.  So fix your overhead garage door with our prompt service and sales from  Preferred Doors today.

Our work is performed by qualified technicians trained in all aspects of garage door maintenance, repair and installation.  We guarantee superior garage door installation and repair services from our well trained, licensed and insured technicians.  So, if  you need garage door repair or installation, please e-mail or call Preferred Doors today  at  832-475-4616.  If you want someone experienced and happy to repair your garage door problems, call Joey Millard at Preferred Doors.  We also handle replacing a garage door system if it’s impossible to repair the garage door.

That’s why we recommend hiring a trained professional to install your garage door or repair your garage door.  Customer fulfillment is mainly why we’ve been successful when providing garage door repair Houston.  Preferred Doors provides 24-hour emergency garage door repair within the Houston area.  Furthermore, you can expect garage door service and repair on most overhead doors and openers from industry leading manufacturers and emergency service.

We supply fast, dependable service, repair and installation and perform the job flawlessly each time.  Our company offers competitively priced repair and installation services that you’d not discover elsewhere in Houston or close by.  Consequently, we have  built a excellent history of emphasizing all their neighbors garage door repair  needs.

Choosing a Garage Door Repair Service in the Houston Area

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Garage doors Houston are something we use often and tend to not really think about… until they stop working. That’s when it might occur to you that a garage door is actually the greatest moving piece of equipment in your home. It’s a big, heavy sheet of metal, moving over your cars, your pets and your kids. When your garage door isn’t working suitably, it’s inconvenient at best and downright hazardous at worst.

The dangers of choosing a negative garage door repair service in the Houston area.

You may call to mind that all garage door repair services Houston are created equal, but that’s not the case. You’ve got to be careful in making the selection. Otherwise, you could end up with various other problems that would’ve been prevented by choosing the precise service.

If you hire the wrong repair service in the Houston area, you might very well end up with a character who’s inexperienced and doesn’t know how to o the job precisely. They may use inferior parts. A disreputable company potentiality could over price you for repairs, or even worse, break other things on your garage door and tell you that those need repaired as well.

If the service you determine performs the job incorrectly, then you might be contracting somebody else in a few weeks when your garage door repair Houston has the identical problem. Or, even worse, your disabled garage door could hurt a car or injure your kids or pets.

Don’t let yourself fall a victim. Here are a some steps you can take to make sure you get a solid, reputable garage door repair service in the Houston area.

See how long they’ve been in business.

In the days of Internet companies, a business’s age seems to have obscured the significance it once had. However, with garage door repair, you’re seeing at an industry with extreme turnover. If you hire with a guy who’s working out of the back of his truck, then he might be out of business when something else goes wrong. Even if you’ve got a warranty, if he’s out of business he won’t be able to honor it.

Find a garage door repair company that’s been in business awhile and has an excellent reputation in the Houston area. That way, chances are good that not only will you get a company that can do the job right, but they’ll also be able to honor their work and perform other repairs in the time to come.

Check with the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is always a good place to check for a business’s reputation. You’ll be able to find out if they’ve had any complaints written against them and why, which can help you considerably in making a decision. Also, you’ll be able to find out if previous customers have had pleasing things to say about them.

Get multiple estimates for garage door repair in the Houston area.

“How much will it cost?” is the first question everybody asks when faced with a repair. Because each garage door is unparalleled, it’s difficult to have a flat price without a thorough examination.

It’s best to get at least three estimates for how much your garage door repair will cost. Once you do, pick the estimate in the middle. It’s true that you get what you pay for, which is why you wouldn’t want the least expensive option, but you also don’t want to get overcharged, which is why you should omit the most expensive option.

Don’t leave the safety of your home and family up to somebody with no experience or reputation. With a little bit of research, you’ll be able to find the best garage door service Houston.


Need a Garage Door Repair Houston, Contact Preferred Doors TODAY!

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Learning that your garage doors are not functioning correctly can completely ruin your day. Preferred Doors has become the number one choice for Houston’s garage door needs. We specialize in repairs of existing and sales of new garage doors and garage door openers!

When you do discover that your doors are not working, it can be a very frustrating experience. Fortunately, Preferred Doors offers a good solution. We take pride in our garage door repair Houston with prompt, courteous, professional specialists who will assist you with your problems regarding garage door repair and guarantee you affordable price anywhere, any day, any time!

Our service technicians are among the most highly trained and qualified in the area and the variety of replacement parts that we stock on our trucks, you simply will not find a more convenient or affordable garage repair service. We will guarantee you professionalism and speed in all our services at a very affordable price.

We can repair virtually any type or style of garage doors and offer repairs for your garage door openers as well. We can quickly come to you and fix the problem with your garage doors, giving you back your protection and your convenience. We offer these services to residents as well as business owners.

When it comes to quality garage door service, Houston area business and homeowners contact us for a number of reasons. We have been providing the highest quality of products and services for more than 15 years. We offer affordability in addition to durable and high quality garage doors and garage door openers. When your doors are not working properly, you want a company who will quickly come to your aid. Preferred Doors is that company for you. From our quality products to our experienced service technicians, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with us.

We offer a variety of garage doors Houston from a number of highly trusted and reputable manufacturers such as Amarr and CHI among several others. For homes, we offer a number of attractive overhead door designs from our steel garage doors to our beautiful carriage house cedar doors. For businesses, choose from our high quality steel and insulated doors or other commercial overhead doors.

For complete sales, service, installation & repair of residential & commercial overhead garage doors, electric openers, springs, remote controls, keyless entry in Houston, Texas. Call Preferred Doors TODAY!


Garage Door Repair Houston – Broken Springs

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Torsion or Extension Spring Systems is the Most Widely Used on Sectional Type Overhead Garage Doors Houston.

Garage doors are incredibly heavy and some type springing systems must used at the top with cables attaching to the bottom section of the door to counterbalance the weight. When a garage door is opened, these springs help in lightening the weight of the door. When closing the door, the springs keep it from hitting hard on the ground and damaging the door or causing injury.

To release the spring tension, raise the door in the fully open and clamp the door into position using a pair of vice grips in the tracks to forbid the door from moving. Once the door is open, you can make spring adjustments to only the extension spring type systems.

Torsion spring systems adjustments are not recommended by the do it yourselfer.

Mostly overhead garage door springs have a life expectancy of 10,000 cycles, unless you special ordered your door with extended life cycle springs. One cycle is an operation of an up and down. The extension and torsion springs are tempered (hardened) steel that comes either in plain cold-rolled, painted, oil soaked, or galvanized. When the garage door is closed position these springs are under very extreme tension and can be dangerous causing injury.

Overtime, or during the later stages of the life cycles, springs will start to fatigue, and will eventually start stretching and or break, usually releasing its spring load with loud bang. Most homeowners, if you are at home, hear the spring break and normally unable to find where the noise came from until you try to use your garage door the next time.

On the average I see a 10k life cycle spring last around 7 to 10 years depending on how regularly you operate your door. Anything over 10 years is a bonus. For example, if you average about two cycles per day, opening and closing the door a total of four times as you come and go, then the life expectancy becomes 2500 days, or approximately seven years. If you have children that drive or more adults with automobiles, then you tend to cycle the door even more often, which in turn needing a spring replacement even earlier.

Since standard lift torsion springs are winding “up” when the door is closing or going down, the fully closed position is the most stressful on the steel spring material and therefore the most likely the time of breakage. This can be an advantage; because failure near the top-of-travel means that you suddenly have a large heavy door coming down and crashing against the floor with the increased weight from the spring breakage. As a rule of thumb, and for safety reasons, you should never be standing or walking under the door when it is opening or closing, especially if you do so manually instead of with an electric opener. Also automatic door operators will provide additional safety if and when the spring breaks during the door movement.

When the springs are working correctly, the door appears almost weightless, but this is an illusion that turns into a calamity when the springs suddenly fail.

Warning: If you need to make annual adjustments to the springs or repair the door, we urge using a trained garage door specialist to do your annual tune-ups.

Preferred Doors offers all types of garage door repair houston and all the surrounding areas.

Don’t wait.  Call us today.  832-475-4616

Amarr Commercial Overhead Garage Doors Model 2500 Smooth Ribbed Steel

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Amarr is pleased to announce that we have added the Commercial Smooth Ribbed Steel to the Model 2500 commercial sectional door line up. The smooth ribbed profile will replace the wood grain profile as the standard offering for our 25-Gauge Pan Doors. Wood grain will continue to be offered as an option.

The Model 2500 is priced so there is approximately 10% savings vs. the 24-gauge Model 2400. This makes the Model 2500 the perfect option for large projects or any project on a tight budget.

While the woodgrain embossment provides a texture that resists and hides field damage, the smooth steel profile is the industry standard and is what is specified on the majority of projects. The deep ribbed profile matches Amarr’s and most competitors’ 20, 24, and 25-gauge profiles in appearance enabling the use of the 25oo on retrofit jobs to match other doors that are already in place.

The Model 2500 is offered in sizes up to 14’2” x 14’ and is available with a vinyl backed insulation option. Larger door size requirement will use the Model 2400.

If you have any questions, please contact Preferred Doors.

Commercial Overhead Doors Houston


Garage Door Repair Replacement Houston

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With the real estate market in its current situation, more and more of us are making an allowance for improvements to our existing homes.  When we think about that kind of investment, it is sensible to look for the maximum return on the investment for each home improvement considered.

Searching real estate and home improvement databases, one constant emerges.  That is that “curb appeal enhances value”.  One of the simplest, least expensive improvements that can be made, and one that offers an incredible return on investment is the replacement of the garage door.

Call Preferred Doors today, and let our experts guide you in the selection of a new Amarr Garage Door today.  You’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of enhanced curb appeal and heightened security with a new garage door from Preferred Doors and Amarr.



Amarr Garage Doors Houston – Long Panel Bead Board in Oak Summit 1000/2000 – Available May 2, 2011

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Amarr is introducing a new stamped-steel carriage house design to the Oak Summit 1000/2000. The new Long Panel Bead Board (LPBB) design will be available to order May 2, 2011.

Image renderings of a closed and glazed door are below:

amarr garage doors houston

Long Panel Oak Summit Amarr Garage Doors

  • Oak Summit Long Panel Bead Board design is available in two construction types:
  • Oak Summit 1000 Single-layer : Steel
  • Oak Summit 2000 Double-layer: Steel + Polystryene Insulation

This panel design is available in the existing Oak Summit 1000/2000 color offering – White, Almond, Sandtone, Terratone, Dark Brown and all existing window and decorative hardware options.

Pricing of this door will be the same as existing Oak Summit 1000/2000 prices.

Oak Summit sales brochures and Preferred Doors will be updated with this additional

Oak Summit door design by May 2, 2011.

Hand samples of this design are not available due to the hand sample width.

An Oak Summit Bead Board hand sample represents the stamp design of the Long Panel Bead Board.


If you have any questions, please contact your local Amarr Garage Door Dealer Houston.

Garage Door Repair Houston

Preferred Doors


Amarr Garage Doors Houston Cortona Door in Classica 1000/2000/3000 Available May 2, 2011

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The Classica Cortona, the new stamped-steel carriage house design will be available to order on May 2, 2011. The Cortona is a 3-section stamped-steel, long panel bead board design that simulates a traditional wood carriage house look.

The Cortona will be offered in all three construction types:

  • Classica 1000 Single-layer: Steel
  • Classica 2000 Double-layer: Steel + Polystyrene Insulation
  • Classica 3000 Triple-layer: Steel + Polyurethane Insulation + Steel.

Available in all 5 colors for Classica – True White, Almond, Sandtone, Dark Woodgrain, and Medium Woodgrain, 28”, 32”, 18” and 21” section heights, and with existing Classica decorative window and hardware options.

Pricing of this door will be the same as existing Classica door designs.

Attached are image renderings of all the door designs of the Cortona. The Amarr Classica sales brochures and preferreddoorservice.com will be updated by May 2, 2011.

Hand samples of this design are not available due to the hand sample width.

A Classica Tuscany hand sample represents the stamp design of the Cortona.


If you have any questions, please contact your local Amarr Garage Door Dealer Houston.

Click Here for a PDF Brochure

garage door repair houston

Preferred Doors



Garage Doors Houston

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Dark Brown Windows and Window Inserts Now Available.

Amarr is pleased to announce that the color Dark Brown in the Stratford 1000/2000 and Oak Summit 1000/2000 is now available with windows and with any Dark Brown DecraTrim window insert.

Dark Brown is a richer and darker brown when compared to the existing Amarr Brown and matches competitive Browns in the marketplace.

Dark Brown touch-up paint (#99345236) and touch-up spray (#99345235) is available, as well as Dark Brown vinyl stop in 7’, 8’, 9’, 16’ and 18’ lengths.

Amarr Dark Brown color can also be purchased at any Sherwin Williams location by asking for Amarr’s national account Dark Brown custom color formula.
Marketing materials will be updated at next re-print and Dark Brown steel color discs are available from your local Amarr Garage Door Dealer.

Dark Brown hand samples are not available at this time, but will be in early 2011.

Please contact your local Amarr Dealer Houston if you have any questions.


Preferred Doors


Amarr Garage Doors Houston – Powder Coating for Aluminum Full View Suspended

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Effective immediately, the powder coat option for Amarr Commercial and Residential Aluminum Full View doors is not available. Due to an unexpected vendor decision, Amarr has had to suspend offering the powder coat option on Model 3500, Model 3550 and Vista Collection.

Sales brochures, http://dealer.amarr.com/ and the price catalog will not be revised, as we expect to resolve the vendor issue and resume offering powder coat colors. We are unsure of how long the suspension will be, but will notify you as soon as possible.

Commercial and Residential Aluminum Full View doors are still available with a large variety of glass options. The color offering for each model is:
Model 3500 Clear Anodized
Model 3550 Clear Anodized, White
Vista Collection Clear Anodized, White

To determine the status of an open order for a powder coated Aluminum Full View door, contact your local Amarr Garage Door Dealer.


garage door repair houston