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New Notch on AMARR DecraTrim Inserts Indicates Correct Installation

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New Notch on DecraTrim Inserts Indicates Correct Installation

Memo 56-13
July 8, 2013

To avoid accidentally installing certain DecraTrim window inserts upside down, the following products will soon be manufactured with a .04” deep notch indicating the bottom of the insert: Stockton (20), Waterford (25), Prairie (21), Thames (30), Nile (6), and Madeira (5). This notch will not be visible once the window insert is installed in a window frame.

This is a rolling transition that will be implemented based on the depletion of existing window insert inventory. You will begin to see this notch on some product as early as mid-July, but it will take a few months for it to appear on all applicable inserts.