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LiftMaster Internet Gateway 828LM Rebate Houston

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Receive a $10 rebate for every Internet Gateway you buy and have installed by Preferred Doors between November 19 and December 21 2012!  Simply complete the LiftMaster® rebate form and submit form and invoice documentation to Preferred Doors by Friday, January 4, 2013. Click here for rebate form.




  • No Annual Fee! Based on customer feedback, LiftMaster has eliminated the annual activation fee! This means that once your customer buys the LiftMaster® Internet Gateway (828LM) the mobile Apps and website service is now FREE.
  • New User’s Guide makes installation easier than ever! The new User’s Guide includes shortcuts and helpful tips for the homeowner. This guide can also be downloaded from MyQ® mobile Apps & website. For Apple & Android phones, the App upgrade must be installed to access all system enhancements. Click here for User’s Guide.
  • Homeowners can call Best Buy’s Geek Squad if any technical issues!  LiftMaster’s partnership with Best Buy’s Geek Squad™ means you can offer installation services from a trusted source. Take your pick: you install the Gateway, the customer installs it, or you can recommend to the customer that the Geek Squad install it for $89.99. Click here for brochure.
  • LiftMaster® Internet Gateway (828LM) Sell Sheet. Use the updated sell sheet to see exactly what the internet Gateway does and how simple it is to use.  Click here for a brochure.

If any questions, please contact Preferred Doors.