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What’s Wrong?? My Garage door won’t open!

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One night I was coming home from work and I opened my garage door with the remote.

The garage door opened about halfway, then I heard a loud noise and then the door slammed shut!!!

You can hear the opener still running but the door won’t move. The light of the garage door opener is also out. When I press the button on either the remote or the wall, the motor runs.

What happened to my garage door opener? Garage door opener is a Craftsman.


The torsion spring broke. Look above the door, and you will see a spring on either side of center. One broke. Time to call in an overhead door service tech.

Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring








The first thing I would suspicion is that one of the springs broke. You should have a main spring and two springs on either side of the door. If a spring has broken then the opener is trying to lift the door but can’t because you need the springs to counterbalance the door’s weight and this will allow the door go up.

Another possible problem could be that the automatic opener drive, either the chain type or screw type is broken.

All We Do Are Garage Doors, Nothing Else.

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torsion and extension springs

Roofing, electrical, siding, insulation, plumbing, painting, handy men, and just the other day a fence company are doing garage doors.

It seems that everybody these days seem to think that they make it installing or repairing garage doors and openers. Today there are more companies listed on search engines for garage doors and openers than we have ever seen before and a great many of them are not companies devoted to just repairing or replacing garage doors.

We see the proof of this in more ways than one and often times are damaging to the homeowner. We see this when we make a service call to a home and see terrible sloppy or incorrect workmanship done by someone previously. When inquiring, the homeowner tells us that it was done by one of the other companies that do garage door work on the side or as an extra income to their regular work. Then they have to pay us to repair it correctly. Most of the time its incorrect springs installed after the originals has broken.

Preferred Doors made the decision 1995 to devote ourselves to the sole practice of repairing, replacing, servicing garage doors and garage door openers. This is greatly beneficial to the homeowner as that we have all our expertise to their concern, we are able to learn and keep up with product updates, and negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers, all to the help the homeowner.

When calling Preferred Doors, homeowners can be assured that they will get a company that is devoted to just their concern and nothing else.

Give us a call at 832-475-4616 or visit us online at Preferred Doors

Garage Door Repair Houston

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Garage Door Parts HoustonPerforming a Houston garage door repair is some of the most challenging issues to manage particularly if you’re not really acquainted with technical do it yourself improvements. Simply because garage doors are a combination of complex electronics, tricky-to-understand mechanical workings and hard to handle bulky products, many people hesitate performing these fixes and just hand it over to a door tech to repair the work. The issue is repairing from the doors inside your garage may cost you a great deal of cash. An easy garage door installation could cost close to a thousand dollars, and hiring technicians to repair your door’s issues will only add as much as your costs.

Significant repairs like panel and door spring replacements will generally call for the assist of professional technicians. But as significantly as you possibly can, you have to initial attempt and see in the event you can repair the issues in your personal prior to you go out and appear for assist. Within the situation which you possess a screeching garage door that causes a great deal of sounds when raising or lowering, the very first issues which you need to verify are rustic hardware and torsion springs. Individuals don’t understand it but half from the time; it’s the mixture of corroded hardware and springs that serves the culprit with regards to the issue of squealing garage doors. If you are in a position to verify these small problems initial prior to calling out the technician to complete the minor repair, you may have the ability to save a great deal of cash.

When you have a door inside your garage that doesn’t totally go down when it’s closing and it springs back up prior to reaching the ground, the primary culprit is generally a misplaced door sensor. A door sensor that’s not placed correctly will most definitely trigger your garage door to complete unwarranted acts like not closing down 100%. To repair this, just location your door sensors a bit lower than your present placement. You may also wish to verify if you will find objects and hindrances blocking the sensor simply because it could also contribute towards the stated issue.

Performing a garage door repair isn’t a simple job particularly if you’re not an “electronics” or “mechanics” type of individual. But you have to also place in thoughts that performing easy DIY door repairs won’t hurt particularly when the issues are also trivial to even call a door technician. Occasionally, a non-working door may even be fixed by merely replacing the batteries of one’s door opener. If you would like to become frugal and save much more cash within the bank, studying easy DIY repairs of one’s garage is really a must.

Houston Garage Door Repair Should Be Left To The Professionals

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houston garage door repair

garage doors houston

Although most men feel like they can fix anything, this tends to be proven wrong more often than not. Whether it’s the leaky faucet, a clogged toilet or even an electrical problem, men everywhere promise they can fix it but leave their wives disappointed and on the phone calling a technician.

Houston garage door repair is no easy task and something that you should leave up to a professional. Here are a few details about overhead door repairs so you will know what you are talking about when you call up a Houston garage door service company.

There are three main mechanisms of Houston garage doors that could be in need of repair. The motor, the door itself, or the springs. These are the most common types of garage door repairs people have to make. They are all very important pieces that allow your door to open and close.

If you are having trouble with your garage door operating, there are a few things to check right off the bat. First, make sure the motor on your door is plugged in. If it is plugged in, try plugging something else into the same outlet to ensure the circuit has not been tripped. Second, check to make sure the sensors have not been bumped out of alignment or something is blocking them. The two garage sensors must point at each other, a red dot will verify they have not been bumped. Third, check to make sure the metal track your door runs up and down and the wall brackets are tightly secured to the jambs. Last, you will need to check on the springs. Check both springs and make sure the tension is tight on both. If one is broken, do not attempt to fix on your own, call someone experienced in garage door repair Houston. There is a risk of the spring breaking and leaving your garage door to come crashing down on you or your possessions. Leave the spring repair to a technician who has experience replacing them.

As heavy as a door can be, you do not want to be responsible or get hurt. Follow these simple steps to decide whether you need to call a service technician. If you have done these four things, it will be easier to talk to a repair service and describe what is going on. They will appreciate you know what you are talking about! If you are in need of a Houston Garage Door Repair technician, check out Preferred Doors at 832-475-4616. They’ve been helping people with their repairs for over 17 years.



Helpful Tips For Garage Door Repair Houston

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houston garage door repair

garage door repair houston

A garage door repair Houston is not finished without worrisome about lubrication of all moving parts. If the door has several, an equivalent lubrication may be applied for the pulleys as used on the rollers. The kick out doors involves confirming the mounting plates which holds the springs, to ensure all lag screws are firmly fastened as well as inspecting the hinges which hold the different parts of a door together.

Replacement of messed up hinges and tighten screws is a necessity when failing. Next, inspect the tracks using a level to determine whether or not they are in the necessary level position. Thoroughly clean runners utilizing concentrated degreaser to eliminate solidified dirt and grease. It is essential to always clean rollers accordingly, then wiping both the rollers and tracks dry. Using a spray lubricant with the tracks and silicone type spray or household oil with the rollers. Lube both of them entirely.

One may also take pleasure in investing in the impressive conventional panel style in their respected dwellings. It is a very nice looking style. The raised and distinctive panels are made to provide the essential appearance and magnificence. Also, it is an environmentally friendly kind of products.

When it comes to finding the right company for the job, you need to make a wise decision. Ask your friends and family members to suggest you any companies. Also, you can log on to the Internet and find out more through reviews from various websites. You will get a fair bit of information on the reputation of work they carry out. Also, you can go in to various online communities and forums and ask the members there on the people they have hired in the past. These companies are aided by professionally trained technicians to provide services that are accustomed in repairs and therefore are knowledgeable of common problems that come over garage doors and hence the very best price.

Interestingly, these solutions are readily available to customers at excellent rates. The management has made certain that most products and services delivered are inside the reach of individuals in the surrounding area. Nobody is going to have a reason for being one of the very few who didn’t have the assistance of these professionals.

These are the points which will come in handy when you go ahead and hire that company for the maintenance. A strong relationship with the company will ensure you to reap the benefits for a good long time to come. In addition, the costs will be inside their abilities however the qualities are to notch. By looking into these alternatives, the most likely Houston garage door repair service providers are really the best.

Do You Need A Garage Door Repair Houston?

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garage door repair houston

garage door repair houston

If you need reliable garage door repair Houston, Preferred Doors can certainly help. Our company professionals are some of the most knowledgeable and qualified in the area and that we offer specialized repairs on your garage doors and openers. We have a number of replacement parts on hand so you do not have to wait for shipment by the manufacturer. We are able to promptly replace tracks, springs, rollers, cables, pulleys and all kinds of other components. Our technicians are experienced and have the replacement parts with them at all times and will quickly get to the root of the problem with your doors or openers.

We provide quality repairs and service for residential and commercial garage doors. Should you prefer a new garage doors Houston, our company offers numerous trusted manufacturer brands. For businesses, we offer heavy gauge sectional doors with many designs to make it easier to keep the business enterprise property secure while permitting employees to move around freely and productively. For homes, we provide a number of beautiful overlay western red cedar wood doors as well as other materials that are durable and will provide your home with beauty and value. Our carriage house doors are extremely a favorite and are generally similar to the older carriage houses of earlier times in which horses were being stored. They give your home a beautiful and unique look.

Whether you need garage door repair Houston or you are looking for quality garage doors Houston for your home or business, we can help.

Garage Door Repair Houston – Resource Tips Before You Need A Craftsman.

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garage door repair houston

garage door repair houston

Many people are convinced that garage door repair Houston can potentially fall under the do-it-yourself group and therefore, with a bit of assistance and some ideas, virtually everybody can make the necessary repairs. However, this is just an opinion that can be easily argued. You may not have the right equipment and tools, just as you may have little or no knowledge regarding the mechanism of your system. Even if you buy the tools and research a little, to find out more about the mechanism and what repairs you should perform, you may not have the necessary time. Moreover, in some cases, it is not recommended to attempt any repairs because of the risks that such an action might pose. Of course, everyone can clean and lubricate a squeaky hardware, but when it comes to something more complicated, such as fixing or replacing a torsion spring, for instance, the repair process might endanger your life. Regardless of the situation, it is advisable that you require the assistance of experts that can fix your garage doors in a professional and timely fashion.

This article addresses homeowners in Houston, Texas who are in need of repairs and service, new doors and openers. If you are looking for a qualified professional in Houston, you should know that there are quite a few service providers that can be of assistance. You have a varied choice of companies in Houston, either for repairs and service or for installing new doors or replacing garage door openers.

Broken overhead doors can be quite a burden, as they prevent you from sticking to your daily routine and might even expose your family and your property to unnecessary risks. Therefore, you need to be able to proceed to repairs as soon as possible, so that you can get back on track. Finding a quality service in Houston might not be a difficult task. After all, the Internet is here to help us find information fast. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the lowest prices and expert repair from highly trained professionals, you should refine your search of garage door companies in Houston. If you research a little, you should be able to find at least one company in Houston that meets all the criteria listed above and can repair your door or replace a broken garage door spring within the same day.

The same professional service is necessary when you want to install new garage doors. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, you need to have the certainty that you have made a good choice of Houston garage door in terms of style, material and cost. Garage door Houston come in a variety of styles and materials and the price range varies widely. Once again, if you do your homework, you should be able to find an overhead door company that offers high quality garage door repair Houston at very low prices, as well as excellent customer service.

Garage Door Repair Houston

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garage door repair houston

garage door repair houston

With room coming to a top quality in several areas as homes still appear and the town continues to increase; many householders are beginning to discover a garage door repair Houston because a lesser luxury by which they’re able to maintain their own car throughout the winter season to avoid investing energy de-icing each morning, and much more as a general extension of the homes.

Whatever you make use of your garage for; it’s of paramount importance for the security as well as appearance of your property that you use garage door repair Houston to be forever in complete operating order and of a high quality. Throughout the present economic system along with the rise in tax throwing in early last month, it’s understandable that many home owners will be looking to reduce the money they’re spending on home maintenance, and whilst you’ll be able to lessen the quantity of inside maintenance that’s carried out, there are some components which really should not be jeopardized on.

One of these simple is storage doorways Houston. Just because the actual tracking on your garage door has run out of location, or even the locking mechanism is no longer secure, does not mean you need to go and purchase as well as use a totally new garage doorway. Instead, within the majority of situations, you’ll be able to possess the offending doorway fixed for a minimal price.

One company that specializes in repairing garage doors Houston provide a fantastic support, which will not see you holding out all day to allow them to come out, have a look at the work that needs carrying out just after that to arrange a re-visit to fix it. Rather, these people carry a wide variety of spare parts with them upon every go to, which allows them to carry out the work required presently there after which.

Their technicians can transport away a number of repairs to storage doors La such as repairing springs as well as track alignment to make sure a smooth movement when opening and closing the doorway, to fitting brand new deals with and hair to ensure ideal security.

With the experience they have in the market, they can guarantee which whatever harm continues to be triggered towards the garage door, they’ll be in a position to do the repair ensuring and therefore your house is once more fully safe as well as your daily program hasn’t been interrupted too much.

You can rely on the work of this professional services in Houston, so whatever you use your garage with regard to, whether it’s a location to maintain the car during the winter season, as a spare space or even somewhere to store bits as well as bobs, garage door repair Houston will restore and offer the ultimate protection at the fraction of the price of a new door.

Garage Door Repair Houston- Keeping It Effortless

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garage door repair Houston

garage door repair Houston

Garage door repair Houston cannot be carried out by many householders because of the technical elements related to this system. Because of this, a professional service is required to fix up the problem with the garage doors. However, you will need to search out if the company you may have hired for this is trustworthy or not. Some company services might charge you more money or some may just waste your time.

One of many first things you can do to find out businesses is to ask your friends or families if they have any idea about company service providers. Many individuals, these days, prefer to browse over the web and seek for services. Browsing the web to locate some repair corporations is a good practice. You possibly can have plenty of details about these companies on the internet.

You’ll be able to read the client testimonials of these companies online. There are numerous websites which provides ranking to those firms, you’ll be able to go to these sites and can see which firm is the best.

You will not need to select just any firm to come and fix the problem in your garage door. It would be best to choose a company which has good reputation and has been within the area for fairly a couple of times. The corporate you select must also have good ratings and good opinions and they need to also provide some form of warranty to you. Ask them about the type of guarantee they are offering you. Are they offering you the product warranty or are they providing guarantee for their services.

Another factor you’ll have to handle while searching for company service is the form of relationship these professionals make with their customers. Many service suppliers are positive to provide you suggestions and in-depth inspections of your garage doors. This consists of information associated to the associated fee-effectiveness, security and buyer value. Discovering technicians with vast experience of working with garage doors can provide you insight about what kinds of providers you might require. They will additionally provide you some solutions and choices for your personal requirements. They can even provide you alternative solutions to among the distinctive issues you are likely to be going through together with your garage doors. These elements can present great advantages to you.

Experience is not the only thing it is best to look into your company service provider; you will also need to guarantee that they’re thoroughly educated and certified. Many company service suppliers will just remember to get the superior quality elements and good hardware in your repairs.

Earlier than you choose any company services, it’s best to first ask them about some sort of estimate for the charges they would charge. If you happen to think that they are charging the fitting price, you can call them for the repair. But earlier than they start the repairing course of, do not forget to ask them concerning the exact price they might charge. This could keep away from any confrontation later with a garage door repair Houston.

Residential Garage Door Houston Repair Tips

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garage door houstonGarage doors Houston are susceptible to malfunction because of several factors. It may be seen in plain view what sort of failure has effects on your door. It is possible to identify the main cause by inspecting what exactly is occurring to the door and the behavior it displays on the garage. Garage Door Houston Troubleshooting can be applied by following these simple steps on how to detect trouble at an early stage with your garage door and addressing them as soon as it is diagnosed to prevent further damage. Here are some of the common malfunctions and how to deal with them: Continue Reading Click Here: